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Exterior Building the Beautiful Pea Gravel Patios : Rock garden on slope with path : Plant \u0026 Flower Stock ...
Rock garden on slope with path : Plant \u0026 Flower Stock ... via

Building the patio by applying the idea of pea gravel patios is interestingly easy to do. How can it be? Well, firstly because you’ll need only pea gravel as the main materials. And it’s a kind of affordable material since the stock of this material in the environment is still many. Besides, pea gravels are easy to reach as well. Since this gravel belong to natural gravels, people live in villages can easily take them from the river. And for you living in town, it’s also simple to purchase from the hardware stores.

In addition, constructing pea gravel patios also belongs to simple DIY projects you can handle by yourself. Or at least, if it’s necessary to get assistance, you can just ask to your family to help. You only need to prepare the pea gravel itself, shovel, old newspapers or weed barrier cloth, string to make the line, chalks and water. What you need to do first is measuring the area you’re desired to build the patio on. Remember to always get the exact measurement. This’s to help you prepare sufficient material to go with. Also, sign the area’s border with chalks. Then, place strings as well, to help you go with the line as you’re locating the gravels on the patio especially when it’s not rectangular.

Next, clean the space from the dirt, until there’s no debris and vegetation left. It’s to help you get the best outcome since gravel really need clean are to lie on. After that, lay a weed barrier. Then, edge the patio, can be digging hole to plant some rocks or flowers. When the space is ready, take the pea gravels and spread them on the patio space by shovel. It’s advised to make at least 3cm depth of the grave arrangement. Do a final check to make sure there’s no gap between gravels. And if there’s any, add some gravel soon to fix. Finally, put some water on the gravels to keep them settle, and your pea gravel patio is done.

Published on January 13th, 2014 | Under Exterior | By Verney Levesque

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