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Hey, it’s New Year already. Let’s see, how about arrange the decoration of the inner room to welcome the New Year, and to grant us the wish for next one year? People normally pray for the next one year when the New Year came or at the time the day changed. But, arranging the decoration house design or try to decorate the room cannot be done at the night. So, let’s try to do it at the first day of the year.

It’s cold because it hasn’t spring yet. But, when we do some activities, our body will going to get much warmer. That’s really is the common knowledge, but it’s the truth. So, let’s figure out about what can be used to decorate the house.

The weather is cold, the people are gathering, new wishes are being prayed, and new decoration are being done to welcome the New Year. Doesn’t it feel really good when you have a scheme and scene that’s connected to each other to do some decorating? Then, how do you think? Let’s start picturing the decoration that’s going to be used then.

If the weather itself is cold, let’s use the furnace or some warm colored room to make anyone feels the warmth of the New Year. Red, yellow, cream, brown, orange, purple, pink or so on, maybe the paint color that can bring the warmth feeling to the room, and don’t forget to give some warmer decoration to make the room looks good and decorated. Curtains, heater, chandelier, carpet, or some other room decorator can also attached to the room to make them look decorated too. To be much better than last year, that’s the most people pray for the New Year. So, let’s decorate the house with something that’s much better than last year we have, that’s supposedly grant one of our dream and wish. So then, let’s start to choose the best decoration for the house and choose the scheme that’s going to be used too.

Published on January 16th, 2014 | Under Decorations | By Verney Levesque

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