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Nowadays, there is a term “the old is the new” so, it indirectly explains that people tend to recycle things from the past and use it in the present time. In the field of home décor, there are some of ancient design styles that used as the home décor. One of the most popular one is the interior of Victorian homes. Victorian design is very popular during the reign of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom from 1837 to 1901. This design is a product of Europe at the beginning of the industrial revolution, in which the machine makes it possible to create forms intricate carvings.

This interior design element can be applied in your own home if you follow some of the design principles that have been determined. There are some of important things to noted, first is the mood of room lighting, especially in some of the rooms such as the dining room and entry way or hall is considered very important in Victorian design. Mostly used for lighting lamps and candles wall. In this design, it commonly used wall color that is neutral or the color that is rather dark, rich of color is one typical for Victoria, especially in the home that located in midtown. If you want something more beautiful in appearance, the wallpaper can be another great solution.

Mimicking the design patterns presented by the nature are common, such as the pattern of leaves, birds, butterflies and feathers. It brings the sense of nature using many ways of classic like ornaments, patterns and so on. The floor for interior of Victorian homes is usually covered with a rug. Rugs are also customized with house paint and wallpaper. Once again, the landscape is very dominating. Parquet flooring can also be combined with tapestry. The most popular color in Victorian times is dark red, dark green and also the beautiful gold, every parts of the home design is very well combined. Victorian home decor often use the large scale furniture, they are full of ornaments and carvings.

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