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Having difficulty when throwing party at your home? You need a home bar if you are a party lover. There will be DIY home bars ideas including instructions to decorate them in this article. You don’t have to lift a single hammer or nail because all you need is any table which becomes the bar only if you can set it up efficiently to the rule into a home bar. But you should know that selecting the bar table is very important, but not as important as the display that will confirm its status as a bar, right? Here are to do the project.

First, you should establish the bar which can be decided by the availability or by the design. If you have limited options, you know that an existing sideboard or dining room buffet can be your home bar. Find location that you think is visually interesting, large enough to accommodate your display of liquors, glasses, bar tools and wine, as well as easily accessible. You can use a liquor trolley if you want to make a special bar. You can find this stuff at garage sales and secondhand stores. You will get a bar which looks exactly the same as many bars in the 1960s. You can also consider large tray tables which some come in leathered-covered trays. It will make fabulous tables for your wine.

As the second DIY home bars ideas, you can keep some liquor and wine bottles on display at all times using stocking bar idea. The existence of bottles’ names of the white liquors collection like vodka, a good gin and light rum are very important. This is as the remark of a bar; you should display some good brands to be shown off to your guests. As for the dark liquors to be considered are like Myer’s, a blended whiskey like Crown Royal and a single malt scotch like Glenlivet.

Last DIY home bars ideas, you should know that the bar table should have a selection of both liquor and wine glasses. It should also have both double old-fashioned and highball glasses which is suitable for serving most hard liquor drinks. This is including the bar service. So that is all DIY home bars ideas that you can follow.

Published on January 18th, 2014 | Under Wet Bars | By Kelly Robinson

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