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10 Whimsical Bohemian Patio Ideas - Rilane via rilane.com

On the outdoor area both front yard and backyard, there are many things can be found which function as means of decoration and other functional purpose. Thing like swimming pool is already common for an outdoor area of the house, then some open space full with flowering plant or simply just a green lawn are also conventionally can be found anywhere around the neighborhood. What about patio, have you ever heard about this one? I think not everyone have known it, or even owned it since this paved and roofless inner courtyard outdoor area can only be found on a Spanish or Spanish-American style houses.

For anyone who has not ever seen this decorative and useful space on the outdoor of a house, you can simply refer to some images of patios, or just watch some Spanish movie. The beautiful design of this outdoor area or courtyard really gives a pleasing idea about what can be done to decorate the outdoor differently. The beautifully paved area of the courtyard gives a certain traditional and sturdy sense of design by its stone, brick, or concrete materials. Then added with some colorful flowering plants around the corner of the patios, both potted and naturally planted on the unpaved area of the yard could give some ideas on how to arranging an organizing a garden.

Then if we are looking at some more modern or contemporary application from the images of patios can be found in most of Spanish-American and other style of houses, the tradition is a little bit adapting with small area of a yard. It makes a clear explanation that patio is possible to be applied to any modern house style, without regarding how large the outdoor space is, moreover there are some applications on a poolside. Then without forgetting about the functionality of the patio, this type of open space area is a great spot to enjoy the outdoor fresh atmosphere, since some benches and chairs can be put there as functional decorations. Now you have seen how patios looked like, then it is time for you to try some experiments if you may.


Published on January 08th, 2014 | Under Exterior | By Verney Levesque

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