How to Choose the Best Paint for Cabinets

Cabinets & Shelvings How to Choose the Best Paint for Cabinets :

Choosing the right paint for our kitchen cabinets would be the very first important work when it comes to maintain the beauty of our beloved kitchen cabinets. So, since there are like many types of paint with many color options, we will need to pick the right one since it will determine what kind of appearance would be create inside the kitchen. When you are choosing the paint for cabinets, make sure that you have assessed everything like maybe the fact that you have children, and then your paint must be durable enough to last longer “against” the invasion of your children.

For the type of paint itself, there are the latex and oil based paint which can be picked which one if the best for your kitchen cabinets. But when you are dealing with small children, then latex enamel would serve you the best since it will be able to give you the “durability” that you are searching for. For the brands which can be options are like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Dunn Edwards, and Pratt & Lambers, your selection should depend on your decision after making some research about each product which one gives you the biggest advantage.

For the color of your kitchen cabinets’ paint, you must see the condition of your kitchen. For example if your kitchen has small space then never go with dark colored paint. Instead, if your kitchen if “too” large, then go with bolder and heavier colors in order to give the space “weight” so that it will not look boring and empty like if we apply neutral color like white. Giving a large kitchen colors will be a smart move and since you have plenty of space to be used, it will make everything of your decoration project of your kitchen easier. Good luck in choosing the paint for your cabinets folks.

Published on January 10th, 2014 | Under Cabinets & Shelvings | By Verney Levesque

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