How to Clean Gas Stove Tops

How To How to Clean Gas Stove Tops : Designer Line Modular Gas Downdraft Cooktop, 30\u0026quot; : Jenn-Air
Designer Line Modular Gas Downdraft Cooktop, 30\u0026quot; : Jenn-Air via

Giving the right maintenance to your gas stove tops can save your money because it means that you add more lifespan to your gas stove tops. Cleaning your gas stove tops regularly is very important since you will use your stove everyday for preparing food. So, cleaning the gas stove tops means that keep the quality and hygiene of the food prepared for your family. It is not difficult to do the cleaning because you just need to do some basic cleaning steps using some basic materials and tools.

Before cleaning, make sure that the gas stove burners are off. Don’t directly clean the stove top because you still need to wait until the gas stove tops have cooled to start the cleaning. Once the stove tops have cooled, you can clean them while wearing rubber or cotton gloves. To maintain your gas stove, you can do the cleaning after every use with a damp cloth and liquid detergent, and then rinse it with a moist cloth. Focus on the areas that contain food particles when you are cleaning with liquid detergent.  Under the perimeter of glass stove tops, you need to dislodge the grease and food particles. Swipe any expired plastic credit card between the glass and the stove surface under the glass is important. After that, swipe it again with a moist cleaning cloth. To loosen food particles and any dissolve grease, you can soak grates in hot and soapy water. Remove the residue with a wool souring pad and rinse it, then allow it to dry. When you are cleaning burner bowls, you can leave the burner heads and caps in place to prevent damage to the spark ignition.

So, those are some ways you can do to clean your gas stove tops. Now you can clean your stove tops regularly maintaining the look and function.

Published on July 16th, 2013 | Under How To | By Verney Levesque

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