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You will see that Christmas is getting close. What have you done to celebrate it? You also know that this holy day is a great excuse to add some festive flair to your home decoration. You can use one of the easiest ways like making a fireplace garland to brighten your living room. You can make it out of Christmas cards, strands of light or greenery or anything and the only limit is your imagination but that will never happen. You can save your Christmas cards and then use them to make your fireplace garland. If you want to cut out the front, you can tape the most festive cards onto a ribbon and then tack it to the front of the mantel. To see some complete instruction about how to make a fireplace garland, you need to check this one out.

If you didn’t save the last year’s cards, you can then hang the ribbon and add the cards as they come in your mail. Later on, you can ask the trimmer to save the bottom pieces from your fresh Christmas tree by cutting the branches into single pieces and then tack them to the mantel. After that you can overlap the pieces to cover the ends of the branches by attaching lights, red bows and some ornaments to your fresh garland when you trim the tree. So by that, you can buy a couple extra strands of lights and make a garland of lights to your fireplace.

Don’t forget to put pushpins every foot along the mantel and lay the lights over the pins back and forth a couple times. But make sure you can get to the plug so you can unplug it at night and when you leave the house. For final touch, wrap a bright red garland around heavy wire and swag it from the mantel. You can also hang some of the smaller, shiny ornaments directly onto the fireplace garland. Then you have your fireplace garland decorated your room.

Published on January 14th, 2014 | Under Fireplace | By Verney Levesque

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