How to Decorate Southern Living Small House Plans

Planning & Ideas How to Decorate Southern Living Small House Plans : Shotgun Style: Historic Small-Plan Homes Have No Hallways
Shotgun Style: Historic Small-Plan Homes Have No Hallways via

Do you know how to decorate using southern living small house plans? You will find your small home in real comfort, hospitality and such simple elegance feelings if you use this kind of style. This style also evokes a sense of history and family to the room. You should turn to the region’s traditions, virtues and cultural heritage if you want to apply this style. The shaded porches, open French doors, high ceilings are a few distinctive elements of Southern living small house plans. You can create a home that will welcome family and friends in your Southern living home decoration. Fresh flowers, natural materials and simple lighting are other important things that you should consider if you want to bring this look to your home.

Start from using light colors with vibrant accents like white, off-whites, sky blue, and pastels. They will enhance the room’s openness and natural lighting whereas darker colors tend to absorb the heat which is so prevalent in the South. The vibrant colors will work best when they are used selectively and in formal fabrics like silk. You should just choose natural colors and shades that will remind you of blue skies and also the cooling shade of trees. Vases, lamps and throw pillows in relaxing colors will also complement the Southern living small house plans.

After that you can decorate the room using materials that reflect a home’s exterior space. you can use thin lines and cotton as light materials to be used in Southern living space. you know that the design and structure of Southern homes are heavily influenced by the region’s warm climate, so the use of light materials are very important. You can also use a few wicker furniture pieces like big chair in your living room or a long bench at the foot of your bed. They will add gentle touches that express Southern living small house plans. Don’t forget to create a sense of hospitality using furniture pieces and accessories like large dining tables with plenty of chairs, a few framed family photos, and big couches along with vases and baskets of flowers.

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