How to Install a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

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Installing fan or ventilation will really help your bathroom away from fogged window. Also, it can bring away the bad odor your bathroom typically produces when there’s no good air circulation. Although this bad smell can also be minimized by using bathroom camphor, still installing fan or ventilation is needed to make the room feel more airy. Also, fan or ventilation is also important to prevent any moist, either to the wall, the furniture, or the fixture equipped in the bathroom. Well, installing exhaust fan may be a good work of a professional. However, it’s possible for you still to install the fixture yourself as long as you have enough tools to do so and good understanding about the step how to install a bathroom exhaust fan onto your bathroom wall.

Remember to place the fixture on top area. This is to maximize the function for the usage. First thing you should do is of course preparing the exhaust fan fixture and all tools and equipment you need like tarp to prevent the floor and other fixtures, duct, connector duct, cable connector, duct tape, drill-drive, spade but, jigsaw, ladder, caulking gun and of course goggles and dust mask to protect you. When you’ve prepared all, you can start draw the area of your wall where you’re installing the fixture.

Don’t forget to measure the fan size exactly to help you appropriately draw the working area. Then, cut the hole to install your exhaust fan and also the duct hole. After that, attach the fan onto the wall and the exhaust duct on its hole. Then, install the wall cap. Don’t forget to make the wire connection so that the fan can be electrically operated. When all are well-installed, attach the grille to keep all in safe. Finally, check the entire fixture to make sure that all are installed properly. Soon as you’ve properly done with the all installation procedures of how to install a bathroom exhaust fan, your bathroom will become more comfortable to do any bathing activity then.

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