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Having a fireplace inside our home will be such a clever move in creating warm atmosphere inside the house. Fireplace will be perfect to be installed inside the living room where we and the rest of family members often hang out together sharing and chatting. So just in case you are about having a new fireplace inside your home but don’t really know how to get it installed, then let’s see how to install a fireplace steps below.

Attaching the vent pipes, every fireplace needs vent pipes of course. You can get the vent pipes attached using sheet metal screws which will make sure the pipes “stay” at its place for good.

Getting the fireplace opening prepared, get the existing fireplace damper removed for testing the vent pipes into the chimney. And then after that get the ash cover removed as well which will result in the construction of new insert.

Installing the firebox, get the insert’s leveling leg attached and then get the firebox set in its place. Make sure you get the leveling legs adjusted which will make the firebox centered in at the top and bottom’s heart.

Running the electric and gas lines, this is for the fireplaces which don’t have those two things above. Get the lines of the electric and gas branched. Be sure you have worn safety clothes since working with electric and gas thingy would be dangerous.

Installing the insert, get the insert positioned close to the firebox but don’t install it yet until you get the house wiring connected to the insert. Do it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Getting the accessories positioned, this is where we get the accessories like glowing embers, mystic embers and etc.

Getting the finishing touches done, this time we will need to get the remote control receiver (if your fireplace have any) and also it surround applied. Now, your home looks even more beautiful with the new fireplace installed.

Published on January 10th, 2014 | Under Fireplace | By Verney Levesque

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