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The kitchen cabinets are storage compartments put into the walls. The materials that are used to make kitchen cabinet vary from medium density fiber board to block boards with veneer laminate. The size of depends on the space you have.  It includes cutlery, plate’s storage, hot pans and cooking spaces. Most people normally use standard sized cabinets for cost control. It can be redesigned to suit the needs of the large fridge and cooker spaces.  So you need to put fixed kitchen cabinet in to make you be easier preparing some meals.

Kitchen cabinets could be fixed as low level or high level. If you want to start with the high level fixing, you need to have the board ready keeping in mind. If your wall has ceramic tiles, you can mark and hack off the space and make the good plaster. Use the battens of two by one inches and steel nails for nailing to the wall. You need to assemble the framework then side panels and hang into the fixed battens. A fascia board could be built to introduce lighters of aesthetic lighting. If you want fixing kitchen cabinets as low level, you can start by doing a raised plinth on the floor. The plinth is made of concrete about six inches off the floor level. Before you cast the mark, leaving spaces for the fridge, dishwasher and cooker as they sit on the floor. After the plinth is finished you can assemble the cabinet as above, Fix the granite top measured earlier with adhesive and Make allowance for the kitchen sink slot then add a tile skirting to the plinth.

You can compare between  the low level of fixed kitchen cabinets and the high level of fixed kitchen cabinets, then you can choose the best one that suitable for your kitchen, Whatever which one you would like to choose, it must be able to make you more comfortable and easier to do some activity in the kitchen.

Published on January 10th, 2014 | Under Cabinets & Shelvings | By Verney Levesque

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