How to Install Wainscoting Height for Home

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Wainscoting is probably one of decorative elements which can be added to walls for an attractive addition to any room. It can be decorated following the decoration of the room which you know that it is different to each other. It comes in many forms that you must know, such as bead board and other textures. It can be used in any room that you think is ideal for a lightning. It can also be placed in different rooms that you like, depending on your needs and decor scheme.

As many has said that a wainscoting should be placed on the appropriate height, like it should cover a third of the wall height. Wainscoting height ideas consist of short boards which are installed vertically along the bottom portion of a wall. Wainscoting comes in lengths between 30 and 36 inches, but it is important if you consider the height of the walls in a room, as well. While you know the standard of wainscoting height comes in 3 or 4 feet, but it is only ideal for rooms with tall ceilings because it gives the room cozier feel. It also provides you a traditional look of a room, creating a cozy, of course and intimate feel. Aside of the benefits in feelings, you know it already that wainscoting will protect the lower part of a wall from children’s play or marring from furniture.

However, the traditional style of it was solid wood, while the white bead board is another popular look. Determining the rule of height calculation for wainscoting is to divide the height of the ceiling by three. You can see the result number is the height of wainscoting. Let’s take a look at it like this, an eight foot ceiling is 96 inches high, which means the wainscoting height would be 32 inches tall.


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