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Insulating your home would be one of the most important things which should be done to your house especially in the winter where you wish the heat does not escape from your home. There are steps to get the insulation installed by yourself which will cut the cost of your insulation project. Let’s roll some ideas on how to insulate walls.

Get the energy loss stopped via your doors

This can be done by fitting draught excludes around all of your exterior doors (and if you feel need it, you can also apply to the inside part). Get the sealant strips bought for this job and you can easily buy it at the DIY stores near you. Don’t miss anything like getting a brush trim which will be used for letter boxes.

Now let’s go to the main course which is insulating the wall. To get your wall insulated, you will need to get your wall filled with fiberglass insulation which is considered as one of the easiest as well as the least expensive things which can be pulled for getting the wall insulated. It also does not require a lot of things since it will only ask you a utility knife and a straightedge (and of course your patience for doing the entire project). You will need to work with batts made to fit the studs’ depth as well as the stud bays’ width (this is for the typical 2 by 4 construction with 3 ½ inches deep and also 15 ¼ wide with 15 R value.

And if you are about to begin the DIY wall insulation, you will need to make sure that you have protected your entire body with protective clothes, gloves, goggles, and other protective materials. And by doing the wall insulation by yourself will be able to save you more money, especially if you are facing limited budget problem.


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