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When you are thinking about a valance for your window, you need to find some information about how to make a valance to help you make your window be more interesting and beautiful. You will definitely think about what valance style that is suitable for your window. You can use a scarf window valance to make your window look that you like. It would accentuate your window and then finish it with flourish. It is not made of scarf generally, but it usually use long voile or another soft material that can drape well. If you already had a window treatment in your home, the scarf valance is very suitable for you where fine curtains or a blind is used as window coverings. A scarf valance will look light and insubstantial above heavy drapes and it is able to give an unbalanced look there.

the way how to make a valance of scarf is quite easy, you can create the scarf take a long length of fine material about three times the width of your window and hem it neatly on all sides. then you have to choose the drapery hardware. You can hang the scarf window valance by draping it over a decorative drapery rod or pole however you can also create the effect as required by attaching scarf holder where you want the top corners to be and draping the scarf valance through it. you could use a small loops of coordinating fabric or ribbon bows attached to hooks or decorative sconces. You need to be more creative about this and it is only limited by your imagination

You need to be patience when you are hanging your scarf valance. You have to thread your valance through the fabric folds or rings or drape it on the drapery rod and then you can adjust it until you find the right depth of swag in the center and the right length of tails at the side. After you have already known how to make a valance, you can practice it by yourself now.

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