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Holiday is the time for enjoying the day by having such a relaxing day with friends and relatives/ family. In order to maximize the feeling/ atmosphere of the holiday time, the decoration of our living place must also support the entire idea of creating a wonderful holiday feeling. This can be done though many ways including by adding beautiful wreath as the part of our home decoration in the holiday time. To be honest the most suitable time for having beautiful wreaths is when it’s Christmas. Wreath is like the second thing which comes after Christmas tree which will “reflect” the spirit of Christmas. Well, just in case you need to find the best holiday wreath ideas, here below are some of the wreath ideas which you can go with. Check them out.

Bright red wreath

This wreath has bright red color. It will be more perfect if put inside a room which has total white color theme. This wreath is able to last for years not only for Christmas or another particular time. Get it completed with another decorated small accessories which have the same tone color: red. You can create it by yourself, but if you don’t want to be bothered you can simply by it at the sores near you.

The golden wreath

If the first wreath above takes bright red color, this wreath has gold covering its body. This wreath will be so elegant to be applied to a house with modern style since gold is one of the colors which make modern style looks even more perfect. You can simply create it from small leaves which are arranged together and then adding small flowers which then finished by spraying the entire body of the wreath with golden paint.

Wreaths are perfect addition to be place at our front doors and it will be like the “frontline soldier” of our attempt in making the house looks fabulous, especially for the guests who visit our homes.


Published on January 10th, 2014 | Under Decorations | By Verney Levesque

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