How to Refinish Formica Kitchen Counter Tops

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Formica is a kind of old material of countertop and most kitchens find their Formica kitchen counter tops are worn and outdated. This is certainly a problem if you find your Formica countertop outdated because your countertop is one of the main focal points in your kitchen. So, you have to do something to get your beautiful Formica countertop back. Simply refinish your Formica countertop will help you make it back to its original beauty. Refinishing Formica countertop is easy and you can do it using some simple steps.

The first thing that you have to do to refinish your Formica kitchen counter tops is clean the counter using trisodium phosphate or TSP. scrub your counter and remove all the oils and grease. After that, sponge it off and let it dry completely. If the counter has been cleaned and dried, you can sand it with fine grit sandpaper to create texture on the surface of the counter. for the best result, you can use a palm sander. After sanding, you can prime the counter with bonding primer. Using a foam roller, you can apply the primer evenly and smoothly on the counter tops. Once the primer dried, you can start painting your counter to create a new finish look replacing the outdated look of your counter.

The best paint for Formica countertop is water-based latex paint or enamel paint. Enamel is highly durable with a high-gloss finish while latex is not as durable as enamel, but it is available in satin and matte. You can apply the paint in the same attitude you applied the primer and make sure the whole surface covered by applying multiple thin coats. Roll on a coat of polyurethane to the painted Formica and let it dry completely. Allow the paint to sit for at least seven days before using the countertop and enjoy the new beautiful look. Those are some easy steps you can do to make your worm and outdated Formica kitchen counter tops beautiful.

Published on December 08th, 2012 | Under Kitchen Countertops | By Kelly Robinson

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