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There are ways to use carpet ideas for stairs into reality. Isn’t it beautiful to have a patterned-carpet from Damask in your home? The carpet surely would add beauty to the decoration. When it comes for carpeting the stairs, many homeowners including you have a lot of options to choose. There are some methods that can be used for carpeting. But each of it depends on personal style and preferences as well as the structure of the stairs. So if you plan to carpet the stairs by yourself, you should choose the option that best will fit your abilities to install the carpet as well as the durability of the resulted project.

For the first idea, you should lay down the carpet and place padding on each step. This will provide cushion on the stairs and helps you avoiding slipping and the instability of your carpet when it is installed. You should choose the dense pads instead of the standard soft foam pads to prevent the carpet from wearing out prematurely. After that you should be sure that the length of the carpet is enough for the whole staircase to be covered. You find the continuous carpet running down the entire staircase is ideal and obvious cuts or gaps may look unpleasant. Moreover, by having the gaps will pose greater risks of the carpet becoming loose or damaged.

You can choose whether you want to choose carpet the whole width of the stairs or only install a runner as carpet ideas for stairs. If your stairs are hardwood finishes, it is best to use runners to show off part of the wood. This way can add to the aesthetic quality of the staircase as well. It is easier too, to install stair runners. After that you can consider the appearance of your house as you select the design and color of the carpet. Using different colors and patterns, they will fit your home styles. If you have modern homes, you can use solid carpets with neutral colors as one of carpet ideas for stairs.

Published on January 17th, 2014 | Under Planning & Ideas | By Kelly Robinson

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