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Laundry room is the place that so often to be delayed when it comes to decorating. Some people don’t know and not sure what to do with the laundry room. But there is so many ways to make your laundry room feels fun and not boring room. And here some simple and easy ideas about laundry room decorating that may inspire you to create well-designed laundry room.

You can go with old vintage metal sign in your laundry room’s wall. This is also a good idea to decorate your wall and also do not cost a lot of your money. There is so many choice and popular signs in online shop. You also can decorate your laundry room with your unused clothes by stick it on the walls or your socks that are don’t have their mates and hang it in the clothes line. Maybe this is will make your laundry room look little whimsical but it is will give an accent to your laundry room. Don’t you know that hang a chalkboard or corkboard in the laundry room is a good idea to write your schedule to your laundry. You can write what to do list for your children, so your children can know what they should do to their laundry. This is the best way teach them to wash their own laundry.

A painting on your wall can be so affecting your laundry room. Mural is the best choice; you can go with cute mural on the walls. Keep your laundry room fresh with well-colored walls. White is so often, but you can go with green and white wall color or if you want a contemporary laundry room design, you can combine turquoise wall color with white appliances. Keep the laundry room organized is the key to make your laundry room feel fresh. Maybe you should go to our gallery for more details and information about laundry room decorating picture that as many as possible will inspire you.


Published on January 14th, 2014 | Under Decorations | By Verney Levesque

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