Natural Hickory Flooring for Home Remodeling Ideas

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You can consider natural hickory flooring for your house as an option. You will find the specimen has a lot of pluses in its favor. That is why, you can see the durability of natural hickory flooring which makes it able to withstand many years of heavy use that many flooring types usually cannot take. This kind of flooring offers a range of color variations and natural defects which making it an attractive flooring option for a wide range of décor settings. You will find some useful information below here about natural hickory flooring.

Consider picking the prefinished natural hickory floors rather than purchasing the unfinished one. Hickory flooring is well-know of its hardness and denseness, so it will be difficult to work with. The unfinished hickory flooring commonly creates fuzz on the surface when it is sanded. That will complicate the staining process absolutely. But if you pick the prefinished wood, those problems will be eliminated when you want to work with the unfinished hickory wood for the floors.

You have also to use Janka rating of 1820 to be used as the hardwood floors. Hickory is difficult to beat when it comes to hard woods. But you will find Janka rating as the best option. Then you can review hickory flooring from its grade. The most common that you usually find for hickory flooring grade is “select” and “select and better”. Those grades are represented by limited knots and their color variations you may find them limited somehow. But hickory hardwood is also available in a country or rustic grade characterized by natural worm holes, a wide range of color variation, and distress which is created by the manufacturer.

As for the finishes, natural hickory flooring nicely complement interior seeking for rustic and country feel. To bring the look together, you can use stains such as Antique Natural or Sunset Sand. You can also use Falcon Brown or Old World Bronze for a more traditional look of your natural hickory flooring. But usually hickory wood floors are already stained in a tan finish such as Country Natural illicit a warm rustic feel, which is so one of a kind!

Published on January 11th, 2014 | Under Flooring | By Verney Levesque

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