Staining Pressure Treated Wood

Painting Pressure Treated Wood Lumber

Painting pressure treated wood is different with painting natural wood because this kind of wood has been infused with a chemical to resist rotting, so you need a different way to paint it. If you find that your pressure treated wood lumber needs a new face, then you can just paint it. There are some […]

July 02nd, 2013
Decks & Porches / Stephen Blanc
Top Rustic Comforter Sets : Design a Room Rustic Comforter ...

Rustic Decorating Ideas for Bedroom

Bedroom should be the most relaxing place in a house. Because, in the bedroom we need to be relaxed and restful. We do sleeping in the bedroom and do our private activity. We should have some privacy when we are in the bedroom. I have to decorate my bedroom based on my personality. I can […]

July 02nd, 2013
Bedrooms / Stephen Blanc
Propane tank and outdoor tankless water heater ...

How to Install a Tankless Water Heater

Tank less water heater is known to save more energy of 20% to 30% compared with the majority of water heater. The difference of tank less water heater from the majority of water heater is that is has no tank, which means it only flows hot water on demand. It recognizes when you turn on […]

July 02nd, 2013
Product & Tools / Stephen Blanc
Mesmerizing Dark Cabinet Kitchen Designs For Inspiring ...

Kitchen Paint Colors with Dark Cabinets

Kitchen is becoming the center of the house. it is like the hearth of the house. Having a kitchen is really important for our house. I use my kitchen really often. I cook every day and getting something from refrigerator every day. The design of the kitchen has to be ideal for the homeowner. When […]

July 02nd, 2013
Kitchen Cabinets / Stephen Blanc
TEKTON Jumbo Bent Tip Pry Bar -

Cold Frame Plans Old Window

Featuring your raised garden with cold frames is very effective to adjust the temperature of your garden bed, so the garden will get a greater control over plant growth. Building cold frames is quite challenging, but you can start this project by making cold frame plans to make sure that everything goes as you desire. […]

July 02nd, 2013
Doors & Windows / Stephen Blanc
The 25+ best Small kitchen islands ideas on Pinterest ...

Kitchen Island Ideas for Small Kitchens

The focal point of the kitchen is the kitchen island. The kitchen cabinet is also one of the focal point in the kitchen. But now, I want to talk about the kitchen island. The kitchen island is used to prepare some meal. Some people have their kitchen island with sink on the kitchen island. People […]

July 02nd, 2013
Small Kitchens / Stephen Blanc
Sandblasting steel windows

How to Sandblast Your Masonry

If you find your patio, stone sidewalks or other stone and masonry surfaces in your house are spilled and splashed by mortar from a freshly laid brick wall, the most effecting way you can do to clean it is by sandblasting. How to sandblast may not an easy job, but this is a kind of […]

July 02nd, 2013
How To / Stephen Blanc
Glade Creek : Roanoke, VA Apartments : Floor Plans and ...

Walk in Closet Dimensions

Walk in closet is more effective in providing storage space because it is typically bigger than a front-access closet. Walk in closet doesn’t have to have a big door when it has a large dimension as front access closet, so it gives you more space to arrange your furniture without having to get cramped by […]

July 02nd, 2013
Planning & Ideas / Stephen Blanc
Wenthworth Miller: 8 Shocking Truths About Michael Scofield

Pictures of Closet Organizers

Organizing a closet can be a hard work. It is harder if the situation is that you have a small size but you have a lot of stuff to put there. if you have a large closet, you will be easy to organize it because you have a lot of spaces. If you have the […]

July 02nd, 2013
Miscellaneous / Stephen Blanc
Cozy Home: Knee walls are DIFFICULT to insulate properly.

How to Insulating an Attic in Your House

Having your attic insulated is very important since it makes the energy efficiency in your home works well. Leaving your attic uninsulated will make it cold during winter and boil hot during summer. This will result with the hard work of your furnace and air conditioner and it gives you a higher monthly bill. So, […]

July 02nd, 2013
Roofing / Stephen Blanc

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