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Simple Modern Living Room Design

Hello everyone? How’s your life? I hope everything is OK. As a good host, I’m sure that you want to make your guests comfort in your house. What must we do to it ? Besides of be a friendly host, place where you spend the time with them has the important rule to make your […]

August 02nd, 2013
Living Room / Stephen Blanc
covered porch

How to Covered Porch Design Ideas

Having a sunny day on Sunday probably is the best day ever to spend at your covered porch or patio. That is one reason to spend your beautiful day outside, without getting too much heat from the sunlight. A covered porch design is surely one of dreams that you would want it in your house. […]

August 02nd, 2013
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Organization Ideas for Small Spaces

Do you live in a small house? Living in small house sometimes makes you feel crowded because there are many things there. But, it’s become hard to think how to make your house isn’t crowded. Would you build to make it larger? If there isn’t enough estate, it’s impossible to do. The suggestion is to organize […]

August 02nd, 2013
Planning & Ideas / Stephen Blanc
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How to Build Deck Stairs

A lot of people are having problems to figure out how to build deck stairs railing simply because they do know where to start and what things are needed. Through this post, I am going to spend a little bit more times showing step-by-step instruction how to build deck stairs railing so you will be able to enhance the […]

August 02nd, 2013
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How to Stain a Deck

For most people, staining a deck is kind of a very lengthy process simply because of all that cleaning job, not to mention the usage of the smelly kind of chemicals in order to remove dirt as well as grime. In addition to those matters, you also have to wash is by hand in order […]

August 02nd, 2013
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25 Versatile Home Offices That Double as Gorgeous Guest Rooms

Hidden Wall Beds Design Ideas for Small Space

Living in small space means we should be creative in facing the problems related to this topic. The hidden wall beds the one which is able to give you both, its real function and also space. As we know. Having a bed in such a tiny room it will be a problem. So, that is […]

August 02nd, 2013
Small Bedrooms / Verney Levesque
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Painting Aluminum Siding

Many people are thinking about painting aluminum siding since the door is getting older. Indeed, the aluminum siding, most of them, comes with factory-painted in a range of colors, not to mention that those colors could last for decades, but it does not mean you can’t go with something new when you are growing tired with the […]

August 02nd, 2013
Miscellaneous / Verney Levesque
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Decorated Christmas Trees Pictures Ideas

You know you are getting close to Christmas is either confusing or relieving. But of course, it will be so much fun, to have the best Christmas celebration ever. According to that matter, you should anyway consider having some decorated Christmas trees ideas. It is not hard to make one as beautiful as you usually […]

August 02nd, 2013
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Closet Decor Ideas

Having clutter in your closet is like having a nightmare. Who does agree with that statement? Anyway, there are always some closet décor ideas that you can follow in order to make them organized well in neatness. Here are some closet décor ideas that you can carry out to your own messy closet. First, you […]

August 02nd, 2013
Planning & Ideas / Stephen Blanc
How to Build Brick and Paver Stairs : how-tos : DIY

How to Lay Pavers

A lot of people choose the pavers too beautify the outdoor walkways simply because these options are not only durable, but also are easy to install at the same time. In fact, you only need to lay the pavers in order to have such an amazing walkway. Through this post, I am going to show how […]

August 02nd, 2013
How To / Verney Levesque

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