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Do you have a wood deck, but it is already pale and weak? Probably you should make plan a staining a deck. We know that wood decks require maintenance because it constantly exposure to the weather. What makes them beating become worse is that the deck is exposed to the weather so solar ultraviolet light, your siding or your roof, water, snow will beat directly on the deck’s surface all the year, and waters do not run off. It is that make the deck cannot surface for long time.

There are many different kinds of stains, and it is a main division between them is whether the product penetrates the wood, or attaches to it topically like paint. Your preference is a penetrating stain, but there are pros and cons to each. For example, a sharp stain will be much harder to remove than other. So you should change the pigment, it offers a much better attachment for wood than a topical type. Deck stains divide into three main categories; they are transparent, semi-transparent, and solid. Transparent deck stain, it can keep the natural color of the whole wood while protecting some protection against the elements. However, it has the lack of pigmentation, it needs to be repair about once a year in order to keep the wood’s natural color from pale.

Semi-transparent deck stain, it provides a greater level of protection than transparent while still letting some of the natural wood color comes through. It also provides an Ultra Violet blocking protective tint that allow for less frequent applications. Solid deck stain, it is completely pigmented to cover up the natural color of your wood. While this will provide the most protection from the sun, it is similar to paint in there; they will form a film on top of the wood that will start peeling off. it can cause early wear that will need to be treated at the beginning signs of fading. Based on all above explanation, you can compare between three of them and choose what staining deck that is really you want.


Published on December 06th, 2013 | Under Decks & Porches | By Kelly Robinson

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