Steps of Fixing a Running Toilet

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Finding your toilet out of order is not a pleasuring experience since not only it will hamper your daily activity but also will create the bigger problem to the house if we don’t fix it right away. So, when one day you find your toilet running, then what should you do? Here below are the steps of fixing a running toilet.

Finding out what’s inside your toilet

Each brand and each type of toilet has varied mechanism, but the principles are basically the same. You will need to know how your toilet works or what kind of mechanism inside it.

Then after you understand how your toilet works, here below are troubleshoots/ possible problems which happen to your toilet.

–          Get the valve height adjusted or get the tube heighten up, or you can also simply get the water level adjusted down. This is to fix just if the valve act as a siphon.

–          Maybe you will need to get the whole valve replaced if it still won’t stop running/ out of order.

–          There might be one or more of non rubber components which get broken inside the water mechanism of the toilet. For example is the lever connected to the plastic ball that the water shut off by getting a button pressed down as the water level rises.

–          Or maybe your toilet has too high water pressure which can happen at the small fill tube leading to the overflow tube. Get the shutoff valve turned for solving this.

If you have done those steps above and still find your toilet keeps running, then it is about time for calling those pros for getting your running toilet fixed so that you will be able to live your normal life again without any running toilet problem. Good luck for your fixing project.

Published on January 11th, 2014 | Under Bathrooms | By Verney Levesque

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