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Picking colors for walls can be so tricky especially if we don’t have any knowledge about color wheel. How about to pick colors for walls in our bedrooms then? As you know already, a bedroom is expected to be the most comfortable and relaxing, yet most personal room in our house. It can be a challenge if in choosing wall colors we can be so confusing because of the different palettes, tone combinations and some tints. You will find them confusing which some of them may not be the same as what you imagined. But don’t worry, you will find these simple steps and guidelines in order to help you narrow down the colors options.

First, you have to decide what style or theme that you want for your bedroom. If you have a small bedroom, you surely want it to look larger, right? And if it is a spacious, high-ceiling bedroom, don’t you want it to be bold and exotic for the decoration? Do you also have existing furniture that you want to highlight with the colors for walls? Those are some questions that you have to answer. Those will be starting points on what types of color schemes that will work on your bedroom.

Second you can consider neutral colors like beige, cream, white and light shades of brown and gray. Those will help making the small bedroom appears larger. To elaborate the room with some colorful spots, you will need colorful accent pieces in the bedroom like dark furniture. You can also consider pastel colors for a light and clean feeling. They are best accompanied by complementary bold colored accents like base-color trim on doors, molding and windows. Some strong colors on furniture and beddings or curtains will work well with pastel walls.

Third, you can consider monochromatic schemes for harmony by defining various shades of a primary color on different areas of the room. They can give a unifying and calming effect. Don’t forget to tie up the décor and furnishings with the color theme to complete the finish look. To get cozy look of your bedroom, you can choose dark tones.

Published on January 14th, 2014 | Under Bedrooms | By Verney Levesque

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