Tricks for Rotten Wood Repair

Furniture Tricks for Rotten Wood Repair : Alice gets a makeover: Ep. 3 - Fix Leaky Rear Roof
Alice gets a makeover: Ep. 3 - Fix Leaky Rear Roof via

The wood rotten problems seem to be an epidemic for houses nowadays. There have been tons of complaints about the same problem. When talking about rotten wood, there may be several causes and one of them is because of poor maintenance habits of the owners. But then how we should solve the problem if the wood has been rotten? Well, there are tricks or tips for repairing the rotten wood. So, maybe you are now in the very same condition, and then let’s see what we can do about the rotten wood repair.


This will always be the best way for avoiding the rotten wood problem. Preventing will always be better than repairing. And if you want to know how to prevent the rotten wood problem, you will need to keep your wooden furniture dry. The rot is caused by fungi which “eats” the wood. And if you keep your wooden furniture painted as well as sealed, then there will not be any fungi and it means your wooden furniture is safe.

Repairing the already damaged wood

This will require you to get the water situation solved. And once the water problem has been solved, and then you must get it dry. This definitely will take time maybe day or weeks or even months. If you plan to use heat gun, you should be careful since rotten wood can burn fiercely. And when you want to get rotten wood revitalized, you can use chemical product for that. These products are able to soak into the dry wood fiber.

Oh and you should also get air blown across the wood which will make the dry time accelerated. Blowing air is better than using the heat gun which may result in such unwanted result. Make sure that you read all of the instruction of any repair product that you buy. Good luck.

Published on January 21st, 2014 | Under Furniture | By Kelly Robinson

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