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Under cabinet lighting refers to lightings placed underside the cabinet so that the kitchen will not seem dark and ease people to work on. Thus, installing the best lighting is important to keep the kitchen comfortable. Nowadays, homeowners can easily find many types of lights, from fluorescent, incandescent, to light-emitting diode or LED. Which light is best installed then? Well, most sites and media suggest the use of LED for its energy saving. Although LEDs are less decorative than traditional lamps, LEDs are also coming in several colors that can increase an atmosphere the kitchen boosts. To learn more about under cabinet lighting choice, homeowners may visit some furniture stores or search it online.

Under cabinet lighting home depot is one of online sites offering many lights choices especially to install underside of the cabinetries.  No matter what light chose to install is homeowners need to consider some aspects before installing. First, it is the available space to install and to be lightened. This consideration is related to the light option and its amount to install, as the second consideration. If the lighting is purposed to all areas under the long cabinetry, homeowners may apply fluorescent or LED. If homeowners prefer to LED, more than one LED pucks are need to be installed separately. Another choice is linear LED or LED rope.When homeowners choose to install LEDs, bulb’s color and temperature hues are also important to consider. If the countertop is wooden made, warm tone will be good. On the other hand, cool-hued LEDs suit glass or stainless steel made countertop better. Color choice is also important regarding to light installation. Pick basic, blue or green for peaceful atmosphere and red or yellow for more dramatic effects. Last aspect is the wire installation. To keep the cabinetry and the countertop neat and clean, hide the wire. Homeowners may apply cable protectors or wood valances. Bundle the wires and wrap them before attached to the underside of the cabinet. Last, if homeowners don’t feel qualified to install the light, asking for the professional is a better choice.

Published on November 22nd, 2013 | Under Kitchen Lighting | By Stephen Blanc

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